Sustainable Fashion is a FASHION REVOLUTION

Sustainable Fashion is a FASHION REVOLUTION

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Sustainable fashion is a FASHION REVOLUTION! For me, it’s the only way.  What about you?

Bit of a loaded question these days when it comes to our Fashion Industry. If not an overwhelming one. We are at a time in our society where change needs to happen, if not become a priority) when it comes to the things we buy and this is from food to fashion and all in between and becoming more conscious about where stuff comes from.

On 24th April 2013, Approximately 4,000 garment factory workers left their home that morning for work. 1,134 never returned.

Why? because that morning the eight-story Rana Plaza building, in the Dhaka District of Bangladesh, collapsed. This building houses a number of separate garment factories on the upper floors which manufactured many well known western brands which included; Primark, Matalan & Benetton.

Large structural cracks had begun to show prior to the collapse and the bottom commercial units for shops and a bank were dismissed until further notice. However, the garment manufactures didn’t even get that luxury, they were ordered back in to finish their huge orders from fast fashion giants wanting their MILLIONS by the MILLIONS of products lines ASAP for those one-wear-throw-away addicts.

So there you have it, fashion has been chosen over people. Can I say that again, fashion over PEOPLE! Which would you choose?

From that day, the whole system of fashion had to change, people had to have their eyes widened to see the bigger picture when it comes to our fashion industry. We're all part of it. When you're buying clothes you become part of the fashion system.

Advocacy groups started to become more known, from numerous Human Rights groups to new groups launching to raise the awareness of the plight the fashion industry was having on our planet & people. Highlighting that Rana Plaza is not a one-off and will not be a one-off tragedy within our industry.

In 1911 in New York the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory burned down killing 145 sweatshop workers where nearly all workers were teenage girls who couldn’t escape the inferno due to locked doors within the factory. It's not just unsafe buildings that manufacture owners turn a blind eye to, only in April 2019 a truck carrying 49 garment workers unsafely was struck by an oncoming lorry and the aftermath was so catastrophic that five of these garment workers lost their arms this is due to the occupants of the truck have to squash in and  stand up on the ride to work, using only the sides to hold onto during their journeys.

I could sit here all day, week, year and list all the god awful incidents that have happened all over the world within our fashion industry. But that's not going to get us anywhere, what we need to do is come together and support those who are changing our industry for the better and how we can get involved to make more people aware of what people go through just to make your cheap t-shirt.

Here are 5 Key organisations you can check out.

  • Clean Clothes Campaign  is a global alliance dedicated to improving working conditions and empowering workers in the global garment and sportswear industries
  • Labour behind the Label the UK platform of the Clean Clothes Campaign, who campaigns for garment workers' rights worldwide.
  • War on Want works to achieve a vision of a just world, through our mission to fight against the root causes of poverty and human rights violation, as part of the worldwide movement for global justice.
  • Business of Human Rights Resource Centre works with everyone to advance human rights in business. Tracking over 8000 companies and help vulnerable eradicate abuse.
  • Care is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty

Off the back of Rana Plaza, Fashion Revolution was created by Carry Somers & Orsola de Castro after seeing the devastation and wanting to change what our fashion industry was doing to our people. our plant.

In just a short amount of time, this campaign has turned into a GLOBAL movement even with its own FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK each year where 24th April is highlighted even more so as being the day of the Rana Plaza Collapse.

Wanna join the tribe?

Here are 5 things you can do to support the FASHION REVOLUTION movement.

  • Use your voice, it's more powerful than you think! Ask brands the key question #WhoMadeMyClothes. Ask them directly on email, social media, or person.
  • Get involved with events in your city, if they don’t have one PUT ONE ON!
  • Take part in your own #haulternative by inspiring people on how to buy and have new experiences with clothes.
  • Spread the #FashionRevolution word across your social media & marketing platforms! Let’s get more people talking about it, and doing…
  • And most importantly Be Curious, Ask Questions, Do something about it!

Find all resources directly at Fashion Revolution


Here are the UK Fashion Revolution Events mi apparel is taking part in for 2019:


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fashion revolution - mi musings | mi apparel




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