enter, entré, mi apparel, blog, mi apparel blogAfter a year of procrastination, anxiety, pulling it all together, sweat, tears, self-doubt, driving family & friends up the wall and generally winging it; I declare mi apparel OPEN.

This time last year, I decided to focus on what I enjoyed and what was important to me. After a 20 year career on and off in the Fashion Industry and dipping my toes into Events I realised my heart, head & knowledge rests within Fashion.

Like many over the past few years, my lifestyle changed after having my own children and I became more open to what was going on around the world - from the god-awful plastic pollution, climate control, and well… our fashion industry. You can work in something and have rose-tinted glasses.

My eyes are wide open now. Did I want to make a change, how do I do that? Well focus on what I have learned over the past years and pool it all together and do something for myself which I can call my own. mi apparel. (pronounced “my” not “me”)

Here, for you, I have curated some beautiful, cool, brands from around the world to show you how fashion can be better without being stuffy & boring. I then decided to mix it up and add in some delicious beauty brands.

Together, this shop brings Ethical, Sustainable, Transparency to the heart of everything which has been chosen for you. It's important now more than ever for us to change the way we shop and purchase our pleasures. To have an understanding that people are behind these products, making them for you and in a good environment, fairly paid and respected. This goes from the seed which is planted to grow the beautiful fabric, to the making of that garment which you will wear year on year. Or that product which has been mixed into something beautiful which you will then place upon your body. You want it to be safe, free from chemicals and not have damaged our planet in any way while in the making.

Our fashion industry, its so beautiful and represents so many beautiful things. However, we are reminded how fragile it is from the tragic true stories against our people & planet. We all need to come together to change this to make it stronger, kinder, safer and even more beautiful. 

I have opened mi apparel slightly earlier than expected, I suppose due to sheer excitement of wanting to show you all!  I have a great selection of brands with a few Autumn/Winter 2018 clothing pieces which are available now. Please bear with me, I have more amazing new items arriving online over the next couple of weeks.

On that note, all I can say is; Welcome to mi apparel. I hope you love it as much as I do.


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