Fashion & Business with Ethical Fashion Independents

Fashion & Business with Ethical Fashion Independents

Fashion & Business - Sustainable Fashion in the Wake of a Global Pandemic

FASHION TALKS had the pleasure of being part of the FASHION REVOLUTION WEEK Panel discussion 'Sustainable Fashion in the Wake of a Global Pandemic'

Here, Bronwnyn Lowenthal of Lowie hosted this stellar line up which involved our own Kate Auguste of mi apparel, Esha Ahmed of Omi Na-Na and Kalkidan Legesse of Sancho's, the event was moderated by Kate Richards from The Keep boutique. All have dedicated their professional lives to advocate for more sustainable and ethical practices within the fashion industry especially in regards to small businesses and independent brands.

Hosted through Zoom by LOWIE, the panel will open up conversations regarding the effect of the pandemic on garment workers, designers, small business owners, and consumers. We will bring into question the efficacy of the current linear economic structure and the benefits of a more circular model, especially in times of uncertainty. There will also be discussions of the potential for future legislation and regulations regarding fashion production, consumption, and waste in response to our current global situation.

This panel aims to serve as a gateway for you to have discussions with the people who design, make, and sell your clothes as well as other members of the fashion industry and those who advocate for sustainability. It will give you an opportunity to learn and think critically about and hopefully advocate for a fashion industry that is better for everyone involved as well as the planet.

You will get a glimpse into an industry that many of us participate in, consciously or not, and the future of what it takes and means to be sustainable in fashion in an ever changing world.


On April 24, 2013, 1138 people were killed and many more were injured in the Rana Plaza factory collapse. It was a turning point in the movement and advocacy for accountable fashion. Each year to commemorate the lives of those lost, Fashion Revolution, a non-profit organisation and global movement pushing for a better fashion industry, runs Fashion Revolution Week. Fashion Revolution Week is an opportunity to reflect and ask questions of the fashion industry. Who made my clothes? Who designed my clothes? Who sold my clothes? It allows us as consumers and industry members to reassess, learn from each other, and to move forward in our work to create a fashion industry that is conscious and conscientious of all of the people involved in the supply chain in order to create a more environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable industry. We want to recognise our online panel as our contribution toward the conversations that many of us will be having around Fashion Revolution Week, and we hope you will join us in doing so.







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