Fashion & Politics with Tamara Cincik

Fashion & Politics with Tamara Cincik

FASHION TALKS // Fashion & Politics with Tamara Cincik 

Join Kate Auguste at FASHION TALKS for this special addition for ETHICAL BRANDS FOR FASHION REVOLUTION.

This week we talk FASHION POLITICS with TAMARA CINCIK, Founder & CEO of Fashion Roundtable, a consultancy based firm who pull together a leading team of experts from fashion, business, economics and politics offering transformative solutions, strategies and events for clients. Running along side is the non-profit arm. This work pulls anything from roundtable discussions, research through surveys, data collection to lobbying for fashion workers to end-to-end procurement of PPE. They hold representation and inclusion in the Fashion Industry work for the APPG for Textiles and Fashion and Sustainable Solutions for the Fashion Industry work for the APPG for Ethics and Sustainability in Fashion.

We discuss Tamara's whimsical fashion career from Stylist to Politics with juggling an array of challenges from breastfeeding on shoots to bringing the UK textile manufacturing together for production of PPE during COVID-19. Since 2017

Tamara launched Fashion Roundtable and we see her strength and determination to keep moving forward to cut through red-tape and bringing key organisations and people together within our UK Parliament for the UK fashion industry. We've along way to go for our government to take full notice of the fashion industry and personally you wouldn't have any other person than Tamara steering a huge ship on your behalf.

Anyway, that's enough, you'll have to watch to find out more!

You can support FASHION ROUNDTABLE by signing up to their newsletters, joining their membership scheme, filling out surveys and giving them a follow on social media for all up to date news on what they are currently working on and talking to.



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