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Behaviour or activities that make people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is:

  • The campaign was little more than greenwashing to improve the oil company's image.
  • The environmental movement has warned consumers against greenwashing, saying that when businesses use terms such as "environmentally friendly" and "green" they are often meaningless.
Here are some ways to recognise greenwashing from Companies, Influencers, Celebrities using ECO words for click bait and in turn diluting the term sustainable & ethical within their branding, product and influence:
  • Do you research & ask questions to the brand and those within the know
  • How transparent & ethical are the company? What information is readily available via the website & from them directly
  • Do these companies hold any certificates / trade marks to prove their eco claims?Beware of buzz words they use such as 'eco' 'zero-waste ' 'organic'
  • Is a particular celebrity/influencer flying the green activist flag when endorsing non-ethical companies?
  • Trust your gut! If something seems off, 99% of the time it usually is!

We cannot rely on our governments around the world to police the good & bad ethical and sustainable practices of companies, we can only do it ourselves as citizens. At the end of the day we hold the cards and we don't need to buy into the bull shit. It's our money at the end of the day.


What is the best Greenwashing campaign have you seen recently?


Words – Kate Auguste owner & founder of  MI



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