In 2016, a huge black hole started to open and it just kept sucking me in more each day. The crippling anxiety, panic attacks and depression kept coming and then that hole erupted, my mental breakdown erupted. Since that day in May 2017 I have navigated my own personal recovery and understanding what Mental Health Illness really is.

Over lockdown 2020, I was naturally developing a place in my life where I was talking and writing more about mental health.  My personal mental wellbeing coping tools had also started to become present within my work such as Mindfulness, showcasing ways to balance over whelming emotions through meditation, yoga, breath-work, journaling and scent-therapy.  

I felt compelled to have a greater understanding to the purpose and literature behind these coping strategies and develop a greater appreciation of mental health conditions, learn about signs, triggers and symptoms of mental health and how it affects an individual's ability to cope and function.  I realised I want to be that person who helps others to understand what they are going through, where they have come from, value their own self-worth and to transcend into becoming the best version of themselves. So, I began my journey to become a Qualified Psychotherapist, specialising in Humanistic Therapy.

With MI, I wanted to take this opportunity to fuse together my knowledge of Humanistic therapy and Mindfulness with simple wellbeing coping tools by producing and curating a scent-therapy wellness range that's effortlessly accessible to everyone to support people in balancing their emotions and mental wellness. As my small business in sustainable fashion takes a pivot into the wellness arena my ethical and values will always stay the same when it comes to supporting our planet and people.

Behind the business and study, I’m also a forty-something wifey, mother of two young girls, vegetarian, potty-mouth, green tea addict living up north in Liverpool, UK. 

xKate  (Psychotherapist in training!)